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Medical Transcription Company

Message from Denise

"EZ Scribes mission is to combine the latest state of the art technology with old fashioned one-on-one customer service. This has proven to be a winning combination in not only meeting our clients needs, but in addition surpassing their expectations."

Denise, Business Manager

Message from Laura

"A companys most vital asset is its customers. EZ Scribes #1 goal is to meet the needs and requirements of each and every client. We provide a customized service tailored to meet each individual clients needs, maximizing efficiency and thereby reducing overhead for the client."

Laura, Operations Manager

Automated Transcription Service

EZ Scribe is committed to effectively meeting the needs of their customers, by offering an automated transcription service that focuses on commitment to quality, fast dependable turn-around time, competitive pricing, customized service, and state-of-the-art technology. EZ Scribe utilizes a web-based system. This service allows EZ Scribe's customers to access their reports from any computer that has internet access, allowing EZ Scribe to deliver a truly automated transcription service. EZ Scribe's services are flexible and meet the needs of each individual client. Customers are able to select how they would like to dictate - into EZ Scribe's call-in system, dictate via hand-held digital recorders, or via dictation stations. Furthermore, EZ Scribe's clients are able to select how their reports are delivered and distributed. The fundamental focus of EZ Scribe is to offer a service that is highly flexible and able to meet the demands of its customers, through a highly-effective, automated transcription service.

In an attempt to offer automated transcription services to meet the needs of medical facilities and healthcare professionals across the country, EZ Scribe is able to interface their transcription platform with the client's EMR, thus streamlining the entire operation. Working closely with medical facilities and healthcare professionals, EZ Scribe has developed a unique and versatile automated transcription service that is able to suit and meet the demands of each client's specific requirements. Options for dictations include calling reports in to EZ Scribe's server which is available on a 24/7 basis, and can be accessed through regular telephone lines. It is these innovative options that allow EZ Scribe to be at the forefront of automated transcription services.

Not only are customers able to select dictation options, but EZ Scribe also allows users to choose how they wish to have their final typed documents delivered. The automated transcription service of EZ Scribe provides its clients with numerous choices with regard to document delivery and distribution. EZ Scribe can interface its transcription server with the client's HIS/EMR system, so that reports are uploaded directly into the patient's medical record on the customer's HIS system. Another delivery option offered by EZ Scribe is through web EMR, via a secure connection. In addition, EZ Scribe allow customers to select template options, which provides a selection of fonts and varying layouts. Focused on quality, fast, dependable turn around time, competitive pricing, customized service, and state-of-the-art technology, EZ Scribe is at the forefront of transcription services.

View EZ Scribe's web site at, and obtain a clearer understanding of how EZ Scribe can provide you with an unparalleled medical transcription service. You can also reach us by phone at 866 363-1223.